Compañia de Teatro

Un espacio que nos permite observar el comportamiento íntimo o privado en público.

“Captar el significado pleno de la vida es el deber del actor, interpretarlo su problema y expresarlo su dedicación.»

Juan Fischer

Juan Fischer is currently one of the few teachers and acting coaches in the world who was formally trained to teach Lee Strasberg’s method. He was taught by one of Lee’s protégées, renowned actress and teacher Elaine Aiken. He studied with her for 7 years, making him part of a thespian tradition that started with Constantin Stanislavsky. After studying with the Russian master, Richard Boleslavsky founded ‘The American Laboratory Theater’ in New York City, where Lee Strasberg learned Stanislavsky’s system. Thanks to this method, The Actors Studio transformed North America’s style and technique and trained some of the world’s most prestigious actors, such as: Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, James Dean, Robert Duval, Shelly Winters, Geraldine Page, Julie Harris, Anne Bancroft, Rod Steiger, Eli Wallace, Sidney Poitier, Dustin Hoffman, Marilyn Monroe, Jack Nicholson and Tom Hanks, among others.

“El Séptimo Cielo” (New York, 1999) was Fischer’s first feature film, as well as his debut as a producer, director and screenwriter. El Séptimo Cielo” won the Best Colombian Film award at The Bogotá International Film Festival, in 2000, and was awarded a grant for post-production from the Ministry of Culture, in 1997.

His second feature film “Buscando a Miguel”, received the following awards:

⭐︎ Audience Award – Sydney Latin American Film Festival, 2008
⭐︎ Audience Award – Cinesul, Rio de Janeiro, 2008
⭐︎ Best Actor – Laura García – Beijing Film Festival, 2009
⭐︎ Best Actor- Laura García – Big Apple Latin Awards, 2009
⭐︎ Best Screenplay – Juan Fischer, Tomislav Novakovic – Big Apple Latin Awards, 2010

In 2019, with the production of Martin Sherman’s original play ‘Bent’, Juan founded the theater company Espacio Privado, receiving critical and audience acclaim.

In 2020, Juan continues to write projects, teach in group settings and coach private students.